Bagshopforum is created with one thing in mind that that is provide bag lovers in Malaysia a online classified to buy and sell their preloved designer handbags. With the success of Deluxemall which is a Singapore-based bag forum that has attracted over 24,000 members within a year. BagShopForum is created with the same thing in mind and that is to unite bag lovers in Malaysia together and to create a online shopping and classified for designer bags through a forum.

Kelly, Editor of BagShopForum explains "Once again, we like to focus on people that truly love designer bags, I think we have done well with Deluxemall in Singapore so we are bringing the same concept and idea into Malaysia with"

Unlike other big classified or auction sites, Bagshopforum is build from a forum. Members can easily browse through each categories as all the bags are placed according to the brands that they belong to. The forum concept behind this classified also allow members to interact among each other, the advantages of that is it helps to foster relationship among members.